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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Yesterday my daughter said, “Mom, let’s create a list of fun things we can do this summer!”
I told her to grab her brother and sisters and that we would create the list together.
So I bring you a Summer Bucket List by kids, for kids…
The Ultimate Summer Bucket List - by kids for kids!! 100 ideas!

1. picnic at the park

2. play in a kiddie pool

3. make s’mores

4. homemade pizza party

5. make pet rocks (rock pet printables also available!)

6. have a cousin sleepover

7. make a lemonade stand

8. go to a summer matinee

9. tie-dye t-shirts

10. write your own story

11. scavenger hunt walk

12. make your own fidget spinners

13. attend story time at the library

14. make ice cream in a baggie

15. visit an IMAX theater

16. fondue night

17. catch fireflies or bugs

18. have a water balloon fight

19. make journals

20. go to a parade

21. make homemade jam

22. hunt for shapes in the clouds

23. go to a water splash pad

24. play Legos

25. go fishing

26. build an indoor fort using blankets

27. go bowling

28. backyard water games

29. go to a baseball game

30. go to the zoo

31. have a fun summer reading program

32. family bike ride

33. go to a park you’ve never been to before

34. learn to swim or go swimming

35. make a time capsule

36. go bird watching

37. make homemade popsicles

38. play catch

39. learn how to play a new board game

40. go see a fireworks show

41. mail a letter to someone special

42. attend a kids workshop at Home Depot or Lowe’s

43. outdoor movie night

44. make 4th of July shirts

45. learn to hula hoop

46. play dress up

47. go to a drive-in movie

48. bake cookies

49. fly a kite

50. go on a road trip

51. do a fun science project

52. go camping

53. make a bird feeder

54. play hopscotch

55. make paper airplanes and race

56. make sail boats and race

57. set up or make a slip n slide

58. play mini golf

59. skip rocks in a river

60. make smoothies

61. go to a children’s museum

62. start a rock collection

63. plant a garden

64. have a family talent show

65. run in the sprinklers

66. make friendship bracelets

67. create sidewalk art using chalk

68. have a yard sale and let the kids help

69. make homemade bubbles

70. go to an amusement park

71. make princess crowns or hero capes

72. make homemade play dough

73. do a jigsaw puzzle

74. have a pillow fight

75. play mini golf

76. camping in the backyard

77. make sand castles at the park or beach

78. make or go get snow cones

79. go the the local fair

80. homemade marshmallow guns

81. make a video

82. catch butterflies with nets

83. make homemade instruments

84. go horseback riding

85. decorate cupcakes or cookies

86. go to an outdoor concert

87. have a treasure hunt

88. play Frisbee

89. make sun catchers

90. visit a nature center

91. go to the beach

92. collect sea shells

93. go a local farmer’s market

94. have a puppet show

95. make root beer floats

96. have an ice cream party with lots of toppings

97. make recycled crayons

98. go to the skate park or a skating rink

99. favorite movies marathon

100. make treats for neighbors

They had so much fun putting this list together and we are so excited for school to get out!

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List - made by kids for kids!

Find the downloadable list HERE.

Do you have any summer activities you’d like to share?

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DIY Water Blob using plastic sheeting and duct tape!

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