More faulty capacitors

How to repair tv no power

First let me say, repairing anything electrical can be dangerous. So this is why we have to be careful and really keep safety as a top priority. So, make sure you don’t try this unless you are confident around such equipment and any children are kept well away.

Don’t, and I repeat Don’t take a television apart while it is plugged into the mains electricity.

Equipment required:

  • common sense while working with electricity,
  • a set of screwdrivers to take it apart,
  • a multimeter, like this one from amazon  (Amazon Affiliate link),
  • Soldering Iron,
  • Desoldering pump, braid and solder,
  • New power supply or repair kit.


That is all really, apart from those, I will go through how I repaired mine. I have a background in electronics, repairing all manner of electrical gear.

First, you need to know what the symptoms are, right? Else how do you diagnose the fault and repair it.

With mine, the light on the TV was on, sometimes it would turn on, most of the time it wouldn’t.

So, what did that tell me? Well, I know power is getting to the TV and therefore the fuse in the plug is fine, electricity is coming through the wall socket and to the device.

If you are not getting anything, and normally a little light in on while the device is off, then try the simple things first,

Is the wall socket switch on?

Does something else in that socket work, if it does, you know that socket works,

Can you switch the telly on by pressing a button on the TV? See if the remote is bad, or batteries flat.

How to tell if tv fuse blown

To find out, if a fuse in the plug works, switch the telly off at the wall, unplug it from the wall. Then remove the fuse from the mains plug, get your multimeter, set it to continuity test, that’s where if you touch the probes together they beep.

Now, put one other probes either side of the fuse, if it beeps, you know the fuse is more than likely ok, and you can put it back. Or if not, replace it with the correct one that’s in the manual.

Go for good quality fuses, don’t skimp on safety, please.

TV no power fuse ok

This is where mine was, an intermittent fault that in time would lead to a permanent fault. Which would mean missing my favourite programs. So I knew with mine from experience that there is an internal power supply where I figured the fault might be.

Unplugging all the leads for the dvd player, sky box, etc from the back. Find a flat surface that can take the weight, put something soft down as you don’t want to scratch the lcd screen.

Laying it down, I grabbed my big screwdriver, took the stand out first, then the back cover.

If you are unsure about taking it apart that you might forget how it goes back together, you can take photos of the case part and screws, draw diagrams.

We all did this in the beginning of our career. Just keep a note. Sometimes you might even get a service manual online. Just don’t brake any plastics, else that is something else you will have to order those if you can.

How to tell if tv power supply is bad

I hope by now if yours is the same as mine, you are making sure that you are working safely. The TV is switched off, plug removed from the wall, kids out of the way. We are all good to go on.

The power supply from a LCD TV

The back is off the telly, you know how to rebuild it.

Here is a couple of photos of the power supply inside of mine, one of the those numbers will if you search on sites like ebay, will get you a new, and tested power supply.

But how do you tell if it’s faulty or not? No point in ordering something as a guess. Well here is a photo of the culprit. See the bulge on the top of the capacitors? They are going or gone faulty. They need replacing.

Bulging faulty capacitorI have two options now, either search for a refurbished power supply or repair this one. I wanted the cheaper option, and wanted the replacement electrolytic capacitors.

How to fix tv power supply

If you look at my earlier photo of the power supply, I took it so I knew where all the cables went.

So, if you are replacing the power supply with a known good one, the new one is right, yes? You don’t have one for another model.

If things are all good, unplug the cables of the faulty one, unscrew the faulty one from the unit, not the board but the power should come out all as one. Replace with the new one, plug the cables back into the right sockets.

Rebuild, and test. Everything should be okay.

If you want to repair the power supply yourself, you will need a good soldering iron like this on Amazon (Affiliate link), desoldering pump.

Or if you are going the way I did, repair the old power supply yourself. So you need to replace the old faulty capacitors with new ones. I found that searching for a repair kit on ebay aMore faulty capacitors better option as I don’t have a trade account anywhere to get the new magic bits.

I found by going through the instructions of which need replacing, removing them one by one, making sure that they in the right way around. These will go with a loud bang if you fit them incorrectly. Do a great job first time.

I used desolder braid and a desoldering pump (Amazon Affiliate link) to help remove the old components. Fitting the new components one by one, do a good job soldering, trimming the leads down correctly. Making sure no excess solder is shorting anything out. Else this again will make it go potentially bang again.

Checking and double checking my work, confident, I refitted it back onto the plate, then the PSU back into the telly.

TV fuse replacement cost

Fuses are cheap, good quality ones are cheap. Even the kits for repairing the power supply in the telly is cheap.

What costs is the experience and confidence in yourself that you can do a great job. Experience like everything takes time and learning, like I did in my twenties and thirties from some great people.

Tracing faults takes an understanding that anyone can learn, just be damn careful, if in doubt, take a class at college. If you want a laugh at what can happen on the other end of a technical helpline, try this funny book FROM THE HELPLINE (Amazon Affiliate link)

So after all that, about an hours work, you should have a fully working TV again. And again, i can’t stress this enough, work safely. 

I take no responsibility if you are unsure what you are doing, if in doubt seek someone qualified.

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