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How to Wear Purple Lipstick

If you’re searching for a bold way to change up your makeup, you might be thinking of switching out your pink or nude lipstick for a purple one. Whether you want a vibrant look for 1 day or every day, you can choose a shade of purple lipstick that will flatter your complexion. By applying […]

Announcing the Arduino Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Arduino team has been working hard to support the needs of our professional developer community. Many of you requested a way to use our tools in Makefiles, and wanted Arduino IDE features available via a fast, clean command line interface.  How cool would it be to install project dependencies with: arduino-cli lib install “WiFi101” […]

Students Are Dropping The Humanities In Droves

“Five years ago, I argued that the humanities were still near long-term norms in their number of majors. But since then, I’ve been watching the numbers from the Department of Education, and every year, things look worse. Almost every humanities field has seen a rapid drop in majors: History is down about 45 percent from its 2007 peak, […]