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Behind the couch storage and charge station

This behind the couch storage and charge station was made from leftover IKEA parts after we moved to another place. The core components are obviously IKEA, what I did add on top were some wheels and some plain white boards which serve as covers eventually. IKEA items used: GNEDBY BESTÅ UTRUSTA TYDA Other materials and […]

Upcycled Crayon Art / Reciclado De Crayones

From leftover crayons comes Upcycled Crayon Art. Start cleaning out the bottom of the toy box or crafts bin and put those bits of crayons to beautiful reuse! Make wall art that is vibrant, cheery and entertaining to make! You need only a few supplies: a matte board, a selection of crayons (color of your […]

A LIDAR Scanner Build in Glorious Detail

LIDAR is a very exciting technology that is only just now starting to become accessible to the DIY market. Think radar, but with lasers. There’s a few different modules starting to pop up for just a few hundred dollars. But what is one to do with a LIDAR module? Well, [David] decided to build a […]

Study: Widen Definition Of Culture To Engage Young People

The research conducted with 11 to 19 year olds found that young people have a flexible relationship with arts and culture, but one that remains most influenced by their family. It found consuming or creating art was a ‘passion’ for almost half of young people, but that definitions of arts and culture used by the […]