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Tracking The Office Coffee Machines Using Current Draw

Coffee is the lifeblood of hackers, IT workers, and apparently, IT workers who are also hackers. [Omerfarukz] is clearly the latter. He works as part of a large team spread over multiple floors, all with coffee machines, any one of which is fair game. The problem is knowing which one has coffee that is ready […]

What Hollywood Could Learn From Success Of “Crazy Rich Asians”

Studios today gravitate more toward sequels and established franchises because they tend to be safer box-office bets. But audiences aren’t nearly as narrow-minded as the Hollywood development process might suggest. Time and again, films that appeal to a broader demographic range, or that belong to under-sung genres, sell many more tickets than predicted. Which is […]

4 Functional Pallet Projects You Can Pull Off With Ease

Pallets can be used for virtually innumerable different decorations and pieces of furniture around the house. But it can be extra satisfying to turn some recycled pallets into something that doesn’t just look nice, but which actually serves a functional purpose. To that point, these are some functional pallet projects that should be easy enough […]

PROJECT: Making a Westport Chair

A classic design (it inspired the Adirondack chair) and thermo-treated wood create a great place for outdoor relaxation. The post PROJECT: Making a Westport Chair appeared first on Woodworking | Blog | Videos | Plans | How To. Source link