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Apple Coin Bank Plants the Seed of Saving

Consider the piggy bank. Behind that innocent, docile expression is a capitalistic metaphor waiting to ruin your fond memories of saving for that BMX bike or whatever else it was that drove home the value of a dollar. As fun as it is to drop a coin in a slot, the act of saving your […]

Can Libraries Run By Volunteers Be Sustainable?

Eight years ago, there were only a handful of libraries run by volunteers – around 10, estimates Public Libraries News. These days, 500 of the UK’s 3,800 libraries are operated by ordinary people, working for free in a role once regarded as a profession. The rise of volunteer libraries goes hand in hand with closures: in […]

Amazing Pallet Outdoor Kitchen For Under 300 Dollars!

To build this pallet outdoor kitchen, we used Siporex blocks for the base structure. I added a mosaic countertop. The folding grill cover is pallet wood and tucks neatly behind the grill cover. I made the lights and little wall clock using pallet wood too. Altogether the project cost me approximately 200€ (approximately 240$), and I […]