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Pallet Kitchen Island

I built this kitchen island out of reclaimed pallet wood, pine wood, maple wood and some oak wood. The dimensions of this kitchen island are 59″x 25 1/2″x 33 1/2. All the wood pieces were run through a lumber edger and then planed. The next step was to cut the wood boards to size. Building and […]

How to Keep Your Feet Dry in the Rain

If the fear of soggy socks is enough to keep you confined to your home during a stiff downpour, it may be time to invest in some footwear that’s appropriate for wet weather. Materials like leather and Gore Tex provide excellent water resistance, or you could try waterproofing an old pair of sneakers using a […]

Epoxy Embedded Electronic Art Running On Pyramid Power

We sometimes get our inspirations from art. When [kodera2t] saw some Japanese art of fish drawings embedded in clear epoxy he just had to make his own. But while skilled in electronics, he wasn’t skilled at drawing. We’d still call him an artist, though, after seeing what he came up with in his electronics embedded in crystal […]