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How to Keep Glitter from Falling Off

If you’re a glitter lover, chances are you’ve run across crafts and body glitters that are susceptible to flaking off and leaving a glitzy, sparkly trail behind you. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can craft with and wear glitter so that it doesn’t fall off so easily. Try using Mod Podge to […]

MIDI Controlled Neon

The people who make neon signs are a vibrant community with glass bending and high voltage electronics. There is a need, though, to sequence these neon signs, and it seems like MIDI is the way to do it. That’s what [david] is doing for his entry to the Hackaday Prize, and the results already look […]

Sharing The Art on Your Shop Walls

In the last issue, we asked about the art you might have displayed on your shop walls. For some, it’s traditional artwork on their walls. – Editor “I took you up on your request for workshop art. Hope you like.:- David Nafis “I built a small, 150 square foot shop 18 years ago. After commenting […]

5 New Books for Bettering Yourself or Your Business

There are a lot of great business and personal development books coming out this month — almost too many, in fact. I’m serious. We haven’t had a lot of fiction catch our eye this month, but the non-fiction side of things is like an embarrassment of riches out here. The following five (pictured above) are […]

A New Kid On The Mini ARM Block

The breadboard microcontroller experimenter has a host of platforms to work with that can be had in the familiar DIP format. Old-school people can still find classic 8-bit platforms, the Ardunisti have their ATMegas, and PIC lovers have a pile of chips to choose from. But ARM experimenters? Out of luck, because as we have […]

Custom Wall Tool Holders

Take a look at this project and video, where you will see how I made some holders, over my workbench, on a big piece of melamine, for some of my hand tools! – Elias Stratakos Greece You can check out the step-by-step process of building it on his YouTube channel. See the Gallery Below: The […]

How to Dye Dark Hair a Lighter Color

Changing your hair color is a great way to revamp your look! Dyeing hair a darker color is pretty straightforward, but if you want to dye your hair lighter than it currently is, you will probably need to bleach it first. Apply your chosen hair color to damp hair right after rinsing the bleach out. […]

Atari Lynx Becomes Modern 2600 Console Homage

With its introduction in 1989, the Atari Lynx was the first handheld videogame system to include a color LCD. The gigantic size and equally gigantic price tag did not win-over a massive audience, but that doesn’t mean the Lynx was without its fans. Over the past few months a modder named [Jared] has been toiling […]