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Donald Trump, The Opera?

Donald Trump is the undisputed hero of this comic opera in three acts. “Comic” does not here mean superficial or laugh-out-loud hilarious: as Rossini so superbly demonstrated in “The Barber of Seville”, comic opera combines a sophisticated analysis of human interactions with a light touch. Foreign policy offers plenty of opportunities to study human nature; […]

Nest Door Lock

If you’ve gone all in on the Nest ecosystem with their security system and thermostat, you might want to consider adding the Nest x Yale door lock. The Nest × Yale Lock replaces the deadbolt on your door. If someone tries to pry it off with it, you’ll get an alert. If the batteries get […]

How to Heal a Hyperextended Elbow

You’ve pushed your elbow beyond its limits, literally! While this is undoubtedly a painful experience, a hyperextended elbow can usually heal with some rest and ice. Generally, hyperextending your elbow causes a sprain, which is the stretching or tearing of a ligament. It can also tear the cartilage that covers the joint, known as the […]

Energy Harvesting Design Doesn’t Need Sleep

Every scrap of power is precious when it comes to power harvesting, and working with such designs usually means getting cozy with a microcontroller’s low-power tricks and sleep modes. But in the case of the Ultra Low Power Energy Harvester design by [bobricius], the attached microcontroller doesn’t need to worry about managing power at all — as […]