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Refurbishing A DEC 340 Monitor

Back in the “good old days” movie theaters ran serials. Every week you’d pay some pocket change and see what happened to Buck Rogers, Superman, or Tex Granger that week. Each episode would, of course, end in a cliffhanger. [Keith Hayes] has started his own serial about restoring a DEC 340 monitor found in a […]

I Was Almost Never Asked To Review Books By Women. Why?

“Besides embarrassment, I also feel curiosity. What could explain the strange fact that it took seven years for an editor to assign me a female writer? I’m a liberal critic writing for liberal publications. How did this go on for so long? I suspect there are at least two possible explanations here.” Source link

Awesome Angled Coffee Table Made Using 2 Pallets!

I built this is a beautiful angled coffee table using two pallets. Once I pulled apart the first pallet I decided to use the second as the frame. I wanted it to look like a real pallet project! I simply planed down the boards cut 45-degree angles on the ends. Get cutting! Make an Angled Coffee […]

4 TB USB-C External Hard Drive

If you’ve taken the jump into the land of USB-C (possibly on the current generation MacBook Pros), you might not realize that there are plenty of external hard drives you can now use without having to add an adaptor for USB-A. Western Digital has a complete lineup of USB-C/USB-A compatible drives (meaning it comes with […]