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How to Grow Cucumbers in Pots

Cucumbers can be tricky to grow in pots since they require a lot of vertical space. It can be done, however, if you select a bush variety instead of a climbing variety or you provide room for the cucumber to spread out by adding a stake or trellis. Use well-draining, nutritional soil and keep it […]

Meme Weaver guides users through fabric creation

We all need to wear clothes, but where do they come from? If you answered “the mall,” then perhaps it’s time to play a couple rounds on the “Meme Weaver.”  As seen here, this project by the husband and wife team of David Heisserer and Danielle Everine prompts users to adjust levers correctly in order to […]

Painted Flag Window Tutorial

Hi Everyone!!! I am Stacie…the crazy woman behind The Creative Crate, and I can’t believe it…but Kari has asked me to be her guest blogger for today! I just LoVe sharing ideas, and meeting all of the awesome crafters out there who share the same passion as me! Speaking of ideas…. here is another one […]

Make This Upcycled Cardboard Roll Vase With Basic Supplies

I love to explore the creative potential of waste or reusable items. Convert those waste rolls into something innovative and useful. Products headed for the dustbin make excellent materials for craft projects! Turn that trash into exciting and beautiful DIY crafts at home. I made this upcycled Cardboard Roll Vase using common craft supplies! Unleash […]