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Pull small planes around with this Arduino Mega-based tug

While there are many ways to move an airplane on the ground, Anthony DiPilato decided to create a “tug” of his own.   The treaded device looks like a tiny tank, and when it slides under the aircraft’s front wheel it locks in place, allowing a 5,200-pound plane to be pulled around courtesy of the RC system’s […]

DIY Quilt Block Coasters

This post is sponsored by Testors. All projects and opinions are by U Create.   I was walking around the craft store trying to think of something to give my mom for Mother’s Day and I saw a set of 4 wooden coasters and had this idea! First I need to tell you that my […]

Corrugated Cardboard Lamp Features Plastic Bag Lampshade

With Earth Day fast approaching, I set out to create something useful and attractive out of ordinary waste. I crafted this lamp from nothing more than corrugated boxes and commonplace plastic shopping bags. A LED light kit illuminates this Cardboard Lamp and keeps the project cool, too! Light up your Earth Day and add a […]

Trackball Gets Bolt-On Button Upgrade

The question of whether to use a mouse versus a trackball is something of a Holy War on the level of Vi versus Emacs. We at Hackaday want no part of such things, use whatever you want, and leave us out of it. But we will go as far as to say that Team Trackball […]