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Upcycled Steampunk Portable Whiskey Bar

I started my Whiskey Bar with some old warehouse flooring. I lightly sanded and treated it with some gold leaf and finished with yacht varnish. Next, I incorporated upcycled trumpet pieces and a vintage steam gauge. I put it all together with a 1950’s spirit optic. Add some steampunk style with an upcycled Portable Whiskey […]

Backlit New York State Pallet Wall Decor

I made this Backlit New York Statepallet wall decor piece a little smaller to fit in a New York apartment. It measures about 3′ wide, 2′ thigh. Additionally, I added a simple backlight that gives off a soft white light at night. I just cut out the pallets, laid them with perpendicular braces, screwed, and […]

“Would You Rather?”: What a Reader Said

In the last issue, we asked you to weigh in on some woodworking choices along the lines of the “Would You Rather” game. Here’s one reader’s take on the subject. – Editor “’Would I rather…?’ Depends upon the project I have and the time constraints. Attaching drawer corners, for example. If it’s just functional and […]