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A Cleverly Concealed Magnetic Loop Antenna

We’re sure all radio amateurs must have encountered the problem faced by [Alexandre Grimberg PY1AHD] frequently enough that they nod their heads sagely. There you are, relaxing in the sun on the lounger next to the crystal-blue pool, and you fancy working a bit of DX. But the sheer horror of it all, a tower, rotator, […]

Plagued By Politeness?

This sort of thing is everywhere. Children and adults will often say “no offence” before or after saying something crushingly offensive, or introduce a nasty remark with a phrase along the lines of “I wouldn’t want you to think I’m nasty, but…” Politicians sometimes say “with respect” to interviewers before making clear their contempt for […]

Regulations on Trade and Travel for Rosewoods

As of January 2017, stricter regulations have gone into effect on the international trade and travel of rosewood, cocobolo and bubinga and products made from them. For more on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s CITES regulations, you can download their PDF here. The video below provides more detailed information for musicians traveling with instruments […]