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Arcade Asteroids, Now In Colour

Asteroids is one of the classic games of the early arcade era. Launched in 1979 by Atari, it relied upon using an XY vector monitor to deliver crisp graphics for its space-based gameplay. One of the limitations of the original arcade games was that the game was only rendered in a single colour, white. Over […]

How to Act Like a Villain

It’s fun to play the role of a villain because they are emotionally complex and require a certain amount of nuance to avoid becoming caricatures.[1] However, it takes a little extra work to play a successful villain since it can be difficult to be a character that’s unlikeable. By developing the mindset of a villain […]

Dymo Rides Again With This Dot-Matrix Label Embosser

For a five-year-old future Hackaday scribe, there could be no greater day than that on which a Dymo label maker appeared in the house. With its spinny daisy-wheel to choose a character and its squeezy handle to emboss the letter into the plastic tape, there would follow a period of going nuts kerchunking out misspelled […]

Power Of Speech: How Credibility Gets Assigned

The Kavanaugh hearings bring up an interesting linguistic phenomenon. Without thinking, we might assume a nebulous, unquestionable power belongs to the words of the person who succeeds to some office, whether it be the President, a Senator, or a Supreme Court Justice. Authority is almost godlike in this way. This power sometimes seems vast and […]

The Solution To DJs Playing Their MacBooks

The greatest invention relating to music in the 20th century was multi-track recording, for which we have Les Paul to thank. The second greatest? Non-linear editing and Pro Tools. For some bizarre reason, we have Ricky Martin to thank for that because Livin’ La Vida Loca was the first #1 single to be recorded and mixed entirely […]

How to Build Back Muscle

In order to build back muscle, focus on exercising the large muscle groups in your back. You can perform several useful exercises either by using free weights at home or by using lifting machines at your local gym. Plan to vary the back exercises that you perform, so that you can strengthen your upper back, […]

Disney Builds Autonomous Graffiti Drone

Ever seen a bit of graffiti in a strange location and wondered how the graffiti artist got up there? It might have been a drone rather than an athletic teen. Disney research has just published an interesting research paper that describes the PaintCopter: an autonomous drone fitted with a can of spray paint on a […]

How to Do Zipper Face Makeup

The zippered face makeup look is a frightening (and disgusting) look for Halloween! If you are looking for something that will scare and impress your friends, then this is a great choice. It is pretty simple to get this look. You just need some special makeup items and a zipper! EditSteps EditGetting Your Makeup Ready […]