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You Can Help TSC Plant Trees

If you’re shopping for a new Husqvarna chainsaw this fall, Tractor Supply stores can help you turn that purchase into a tree-planting contribution, too. Earlier this month, Tractor Supply Company® (TSC) announced a new partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation® that will directly benefit the Foundation’s hurricane reforestation efforts. For every Husqvarna chainsaw purchase made […]

How to Start a Club

Clubs are great ways to connect people with similar interests. If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own club, you can easily make it happen with a little time and effort. Decide on a type of club, outline the club’s objectives and goals, and begin recruiting members! EditSteps EditOrganizing the Club Identify the club’s objectives. […]

Infection? Your Smartphone Will See You Now

When Mr. Spock beams down to a planet, he’s carrying a tricorder, a communicator, and a phaser. We just have our cell phones. The University of California Santa Barbara published a paper showing how an inexpensive kit can allow your cell phone to identify pathogens in about an hour. That’s quite a feat compared to […]

Does The Perfect Sentence Exist?

What can celebrated writers teach the rest of us about the art of writing a great sentence? A common piece of writing advice is to make your sentences plain, unadorned and invisible. George Orwell gave this piece of advice its epigram: “Good prose is like a windowpane.” A reader should notice the words no more […]

ElevationLab DraftTable Kit for iPad Pro

A lot of iPad stands out there exist purely to prop up your device so you can watch stuff on it, not necessarily do any real creative work. They’re not made to keep the thing from tipping over or shaking around when you’re actively touching the screen a lot. Enter the DraftTable Kit by ElevationLab. […]

How to Clean a Toilet Brush

People often forget that even our cleaning tools need to be cleaned. One of the dirtiest objects in your bathroom is your toilet brush and its holder. The toilet gets so dirty because of constant and often incorrect use. Your brush may be getting dirty quickly because it is stored when it isn’t completely dry. […]

Star Wars mouse droid reveals hidden scrolling LED display

In several iterations of the Star Wars saga, small black droids can be seen scurrying around imperial installations. While they tend to fade into the background or provide a fun distraction in the movies, the mouse droid by Potent Printables acts as a sort of physical messaging app. It’s able to travel to the correct location, […]

A Three Axis Mill For The End Of The World

A mill is one of those things that many hackers want, but unfortunately few get their hands on. Even a low-end mill that can barely rattle its way through a straight cut in a piece of aluminum is likely to cost more than all the other gear on your bench. A good one? Don’t even […]