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Hackaday Links: October 14, 2018

Here’s something of interest of 3D printing enthusiasts. How do you print lightweight 3D objects? [Tom Stanton] does a lot of stuff with 3D printing and RC airplanes, so yeah, he’s probably the guy you want to talk to. His solution is Simplify3D, printing two layers for whatever nozzle diameter you have, some skills with Fusion360, […]

Pallet Rabbit Hutch or Small Animal House

I’ve built this pallet rabbit hutch out of approximately 3/4 pallets. I’ve made it as sturdy as possible, to resist against strong winds we frequently face here. I’ve covered the 3 sides with felt for a better protection. Let see the step-by-step instructions to build this pallet rabbit hutch. First, start by deciding the size […]

Twinz Titanium Chopsticks [Kickstarter]

As individuals looking for answers to the looming threat of climate change, most of our power to enact change at a large enough scale lies within our ability to elect officials who will crack down on, say, the 100 companies responsible for 71% of it. We’re not just going to compost our way out of […]

How to Do a Makeover With No Makeup

You don’t have to wear makeup to look your best. In fact, natural beauty is more popular than ever. By taking good care of your skin and experimenting with your hair, clothes, and accessories, you can make over your style while still looking like yourself! EditSteps EditCaring for Your Skin Wash your face twice a […]

Detect Elevated Carbon Monoxide (Levels)

The molar mass of carbon monoxide (CO) is 28.0, and the molar mass of air is 28.8, so CO will rise in an ambient atmosphere. It makes sense to detect it farther from the ground, but getting a tall ladder is not convenient and certainly doesn’t make for fast deployment. What do you do if […]

Director of Marketing Position with Schubert Club

Schubert Club, the world-class music organization established in 1882 and located in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota, is in search of a new Director of Marketing. For job description, requirements, and information on how to apply, please visit . Source link

How to Make a Mountain Bike Course

Mountain biking is a fun and rewarding sport, but it requires having a decent course to ride. Finding a course that is both challenging and exciting can be difficult, as the best courses tend to be sorely overcrowded or poorly maintained. If you’re serious about mountain biking and have the right amount of ambition, you […]