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New Experiences (aka New Tools)

In response to Rob’s editorial in the last issue about trying new things in woodworking, we heard from this reader who is also learning new things (and, not so coincidentally, new tools). – Editor

“I, too, am in the midst of new experiences.  We (my wife and I) recently built a king-size platform bed for our guest room. One possibly  unique feature is its camphor wood slab headboard. Management decided that we should build a pair of bedside tables, also from camphor, to complement. We chose a Craftsman-like design. After drawing up the design, I noted that we were looking at nearly 80 mortises!  (There are only eight on the bed and I cut them by hand. Hard maple!)  Consequently, I got to purchase a hollow chisel mortise,r and this week we’ve been getting used to the machine and cutting both practice and ‘for reals”‘ mortises for the project. I was browsing online and looked at the Grizzly eight-inch spiralhead jointer (after which I’ve been lusting), when I was surprised to find the price had escalated by a substantial amount. Grizzly was very clear to note that the increase was  due to new tariffs imposed. Showing my wife what I was viewing got me permission to purchase a smaller, benchtop, tariff-free jointer (which should arrive later this week). Today was spent designing and building a stand for it. (Fortuitiously, Rockler has casters on sale.) Another machine to learn about. The fun never stops.” – Ralph Lombardo

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