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Large Simple Pallet Mirror Frame Dresses Up The Walls

This Large Simple Pallet Mirror Frame takes only about a day to make. You will need one to two pallets and a couple of new battens to form the sub-frame for inserting the glass (ordered to size). Or, build the frame to fit an upcycled mirror you already have.

Build a beautiful wooden frame and have a custom Large Pallet Mirror Frame for any room of the house!

I sanded the wood, then just screwed together in a finger-jointing manner on the side facing the wall. The frame was waxed and buffed. Because of the weight, it is advised to rest it on a metal angle and fasten back at the top as opposed to just hanging it.

This Large Pallet Mirror Frame needs sturdy wall anchors or to be resting on a sturdy surface.
This mirror frame is extremely heavy, so be sure you plan for sturdy wall mounts or have it sit on a robust surface.
Simple Pallet Mirror Frame features imperfections that show well even when gazing into the glass.
The imperfections make this frame even more attractive.
Choose wood with more character for a stunning visual impact in your room. This Simple Pallet Mirror Frame delivers well.
Choose wood with lots of character for more wow factor.
Don't cover up the nail holes on this Simple Pallet Mirror Frame.
Don’t close the nail holes; they’re beautiful!

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