UK Smart Plug Socket – Orvibo B25 – Updated Version


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The Orvibo B25 is a smart socket. What does that even mean? Well, it allows you to switch on devices remotely via the FREE app. Or schedule devices to come on at set times. 

So why should you care. Well if you want to take control remotely when a electrical device comes on via your smartphone. Then this is for you.

Need a TV to come on to make out someone is at home, but those dumb timers always do it at set times and even the cat knows no one is at home.

Once this smart switch is recognised in the app on your smartphone via wifi. Just Plug in the device you want to control into this and voilà. 

You are now in control.

So as long as you have access to the internet via your smartphone, have the app installed, you can control the power to that device.

Plug in to control table lights, the TV, all sorts.


But wait, have you got one of the google home or amazon dot (dot echo) devices, then why not just talk to that and control what you want.


Still not convinced how these can help you in your life? Then look at the Orvibo Product website


But are you wanting a more integrated smart socket. Replace the faceplate completely and really make it look integrated? 

The LightwaveRF style, looks more like a traditional British 3 pin dual gang plug socket, Yes it’s 13A. Also controlled via an app and Wifi, needs a small bridge device for it to connect too. But in return, you can control more than just electricity, try heating, or lighting.

Click the image of the dual gang plug socket for the page.

So if you want to check out this product on amazon uk, click check it out now.

Looking for something more?

Are you looking for a more integrated home automation system. Then looked at the Amazon Echo, with Alexa you can talk to your Philips Hue lighting system, or control your plug sockets with lightwaveRF Technology.



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