Tongmaster Vegetarian Sausage 2 Casing Skins of 23 mm Diameter


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Tongmaster Collagen sausage casings do not need any preparation. They don’t need to be refrigerated or stored in salt water and will last years if kept dry.

Once these casings have been filled, it is important that the sausages are left in the refrigerator overnight to rest.

If you want to make kosher sausage, vegetarian sausage, vegan sausage or halal sausage then use this vegetarian sausage casings.

If you want to make genuine vegetarian sausages, these are the only edible casings that are readily available.

You could of course use a non-edible plastic casing and discard it after cooking, but in that case you might just as well make vegetarian patties!

The plus points are that the sausages, once stuffed, cook well and can be fried or grilled to look very much like the meat-eaters’ bangers. You do need to be gentle with the cooking heat, though, so that they don’t burst. The skins survive being frozen and thawed, too. And there’s no taste nor much texture (that’s a plus point, by the way).

These skins look and feel just like normal skins and are less “chewy” than fresh casings. Diameter: 23 mm.

Supplied as standard 2 pack.A fresh collagen casing
Perfect for any small diameter fresh sausage
Use with fruit, vegetables, meat or fish
An excellent appearance and texture


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