Starall S9 S7 L3+ D3 APW3 Switching Power Supply 1600W/1800W Mining Machine Power Supply for S9 (12.5T/13T/13.5T) S7 L3+ D3 APW3 Series Mining Machine


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About the product:
Model: G1029-1600W/G1057-1800W
Shell Material:Aluminum
Size:25.5 x 9 x 4.5 cm
Cable Length: 39 cm
Power Cord Length: 1.5 M
Connectors: 6 PIN X 10 Pcs
Number of Interfaces:10

Input Characteristic:
Voltage Range: AC 176~264 V
Input Rated Voltage: AC 200~240 V
Starting Inrush Current: ≤80 A
Maximum Input Current: ≤10 A(1600W),≤15 A(1800W)
Efficiency: ≥92%

Output Characteristic:
Output Rated Voltage:DC 12.25 V
Load Regulation: ≤±2%
Linear Regulation: ≤±1%
Rated Output Power: 1600W(Max)/1800W(Max)
Output Current: 0~130 A(1600W),0~150 A(1800W)
Output Ripple And Noise: ≤180 mVp-p(1600W),≤120 mVp-p(1800W)
Drive And Shut Down Overshoot Range: ≤±5%
Rise Time: ≤100 ms(230 V rated load test)
Boot Time: ≤3S(230 V rated voltage test)
Hold Up Time: ≥10 mS(230 V rated voltage test)

Protection Characteristics:
Input Under-voltage Protection Point: ≤180 V
Input Under-voltage Recovery Point: ≤185 V
(Can automatic recovery, the backlash is not less than 5V)
Input Over-current Protection: Yes
(The over-current point is between 130~160A)
Output Short-circuit Protection: Yes (Recovery after removal of short circuit)
Input Over Temperature Protection: Yes (When the temperature switch is higher than 100 degrees, protect, turn off the 12V output, and the temperature can be restored automatically below 65 degrees centigrade.)

Environment Conditions:
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +50 °C Full Load (Typical value is 25 °C)
Storage Temperature: -40 ~ +85 °C (Typical value is 25 °C)
Operating Humidity: 5 ~ 95% Frost-free
Storage Humidity: 0 ~ 95% Frost-free
MTBF: 50000 H (Typical value is 25 °C)
Altitude: ≤ 5000 m (Normal Work)
Heat Dissipation Mode: Air Blast Cooling

1 x Mining Power Supply[Compatibility]: Fit for S9 (12.5T/13T/13.5T), S7, L3+, APW3 Ant Series Mining Machine
[Shell Material and Size]:Aluminum, Size:25.5 x 9 x 4.5 cm / 10″x3.54″x1.77″
[Maximum Input Current]: ≤10 A(1600W),≤15 A(1800W)
[Output Current]: 0~130 A(1600W),0~150 A(1800W)
[Over-Current Protection]: Yes, the input over-current point is between 130~160A.


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