Star Wars Dark Light Side Switch Vinyl Decal Sticker Child Room Lightswitch Wall


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2x made to order High Quality Star Wars Light Switch Vinyl Decal Stickers (1x Light Side Yoda & 1x Dark Side Vader), as pictured in either Black, White, Green or Pink. You can position however you like on the light switch, depending on which side you turn on/off the lights.

The size of each sticker is approximately 2.5cm in Height x 5.5cm in Width and are made from a very high quality weatherproof vinyl.

Please send us a message stating the colour you require upon order, If no colour is requested we will send in the advertised colour.

How to apply the sticker –

  1. Rub over decal on a flat surface and also make sure the surface your going to apply the decal to is clean and dry.
  2. Slowly peel off the transfer paper whilst making sure the decal is still attached to it.
  3. Carefully line up the decal to how you want it to look and then stick it down.
  4. Give the decal a final rub over and then slowly peel away the transfer paper, making sure the decal stays stuck to the surface area and doesn’t pull away with the transfer paper.
  5. Now admire your work 🙂

All text and images © Epic ModzStar Wars light switch decal sticker, as pictured (See description for more info)
Lasts for 7+ years
Fade & water resistant
Perfect vinyl cut fit
Easy to apply & remove


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