Smart Body Analyzer by Withings – Black


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An advanced Wi-Fi scale that measures weight, BMI, body fat and heart-rate for the whole family. It automatically synchronizes with your phone to visualize your trends and help you reach your ideal weight.

Works with the Health Mate app (iOS & Android).

Heart rate measurement

Check your heart rate by stepping on the Smart Body Analyzer, with no extra effort. Simply stand a few seconds on the Smart Body Analyzer while it measures your heart rate through your feet. If your resting heart rate drops over time, celebrate – you’re getting more fit!

Designed for the whole family, the Smart Body Analyzer lets you easily create a user profile for each person in the household. Automatic recognition of the user on the scale. Allows for up to 8 different users.

Indoor air quality monitoring

As the scale continuously checks the indoor air quality through temperature and carbon dioxide measuring, the Health Mate app builds a CO2 level graph with important threshold information. The app will notify you of any high readings, letting you know to let in fresh air.

Dress according to the forecast

Weigh yourself to choose the best clothes for the day thanks to the weather forecast display. As you weigh yourself, the scale will display the weather and average temperature predicted for the day. Weigh in later in the late afternoon for the weather for the next day.



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