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R2-D2 has disappeared into the expanse of the Star Wars Galaxy! Keep a look out for the hologram transmissions that he sends of famous Star Wars characters and objects he encounters along the way. Only if you find them you will have a chance to track down R2-D2 and win points. Fly your starships to Tatooine, the Death Star and many more uniquely illustrated hidden picture planets and start looking for them! Who knows the Star Wars universe best?Tbc
How many Star Wars objects can you find? With over 1000 objects to find across 13 planets
This item includes 6x double-sided planets, 1 Death Star, 4 starships, 60 transmission placards, 16 plastic rings, 20 reward tiles (19x “1 point”, 1x R2-D2), 1 player board for the transmission placards, 1 twelve sided die & Instructions.
This game is suitable for 2-4 players
Suitable for ages 6 years and up.
Simple to play observation and co-operation game; players work together to find hidden treasures


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