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Funny Faces – Art.117001

We all want our child to grow up kind, sensitive, attentive. We want the child to know how to support, empathise, sympathise and respond adequately to the emotions of others.

These qualities form the basis of the so-called emotional intelligence, which is necessary for success in society and being happy. People with high level of emotional intelligence are able to control their emotions and therefore, they find a common language with others and adapt well in the society.

The main task of this game is to teach the child see and recognise different emotions and their gradations. Looking at the pictures, depicting faces with a variety of moods, the children usually confine with such definitions as “kind – evil” or “joyful – sad”. It is connected with both poverty of vocabulary, and the fact that the child just does not know how to see the complex feelings and gradations of emotions.

The construction kit helps simulate and play different situations, feel the associated emotions. The game is represented by a collection of individual template faces, on which you can put different noses, eyes, lips. A huge number of combinations allows you expressing a variety of emotions.

Funny Faces water resistant game for 2 – 4 players
Helps to develop visual memory by mixing different colours
Aids in motor skills, memory, social skills and creativity & imagination
Many more games available from “Pic N Mix”
Suitable for ages 3 – 7


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