Black Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard For PS4 Play Station 4 Controller


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This wireless keyboard makes it easier for the players to chat with friends and relatives in PS4 & PS Vita platform. This device is easy to install, take out and connect with any version of PS4 original controller as well, and provides convenient and useful functions like text type, Internet chat, and game playing.

Product maintenance and precautions

1. The keyboard can be used only when the PS4 host is pairing successfully to the controller keyboard.
2. Do not knock on or beat the product strongly.
3. Liquid or small metal are not allowed to come into the product.
4. Do not use and store the product in a hot or humid environment.
The use of the keyboard is easy to communicate with friends by the voice chat and messages. / Easy to use. The keyboard is very easy to embed in the controller, and will not affect the operation and appearance of the controller.
Using dedicated keys to input various letters and characters, it is very easy to text chat and surf the Internet by PS4.
The original style of the PS4 controller will not be destroyed when the keyboard kit is fit on—- PS4 chat keypad would be embedded perfectly with the PS4 controller.


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