lzn 1800W Power Supply for Bitcoin Mining Machine GPU Open Mining Ethereum ZEC 90 Gold


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Price: £99.95

Input Inrush Current: 70 A£¨Max. At 230V AC 25¡æ(ring temperature)£©
Input Frequency: 47 Hz~53 Hz
Conversion Efficiency: ≤91%
Input Efficiency:£¾90%£¨Full Load AC 230V/50Hz£©
Input Power Factor: Full Load AC 230V/50Hz £¾0.98
Boot Delay Time: 100 ms~ 500 ms
Shutdown Delay time:£¾10 ms
Plug Specifications: AU Plug
Over-voltage Protection: Yes
Short-circuit Protection: Yes
Overload Protection: Yes(110~120% Rated Power Lock Machine)
Environment Conditions
Operating Temperature: -2¡æ~40¡æ,10%~90%RH
Storage Temperature: -20¡æ~85¡æ£¬5%~95%RH Above Sea Level
Cooling Method: Air Cooling 8 cm Fan*2 Pcs
Dielectric Strength: Input to Output AC 1750 V/10 mA, 1 minutes
Insulation Resistance: Input to Output≥50 MΩ, DC 500 V
Interface: Main Board 24+8P
6 Pcs Video Cards 6+2P
6 Pcs Video Cards 6P
6 Pcs IDE
6 Pcs SATA
Support Graphics Card Type & Quantity:£¨Tested With These£¬But Support More Models of GPU £©
Graphics Card 1060,6 Pieces
Graphics Card 470,6 Pieces
Graphics Card 480,6 Pieces
Graphics Card 380,6 Pieces
Graphics Card 370,6 Pieces
Graphics Card 380X,6 Pieces
Support 6 pieces graphics card.
1 x Mining Power Supply
1 x Power Cord

With new big capacitor and big magnetic ring material, the performance is very stable.
1800W power supply, high efficiency,very quiet,stable performance.
1800W new upgrade dual fans, convection heat dissipation.
Model: 1800K; Rated Power: 1800 W; Power Supply Grade: 90 gold
Size: 230 x 150 x 85 mm;Input Voltage: AC 176~264 V; Input Current: 12 A£¨Average Maximum At 230V AC£©


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