Lord Milner’s Second War: The Rhodes-Milner Secret Society; The Origin of World War I; and the Start of the New World Order


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Anyone with even a passing interest in conspiracy has heard claims that a powerful elite controls both the economies and the politics of the West. Just as surely, almost everyone who has heard these claims has ignored them-the notion of a “secret hand” in world affairs is just too fantastic to believe. Yet, in 2008, the world witnessed a meltdown in world finances. By capitalist rules “he who takes the risk earns the reward,” but that is not how things occurred. The entire financial sector which had engaged in extreme risk for profit and lost, balked at the prospect of bankruptcy and exercised a hitherto unknown option (to the average western citizen at least) and socialized their losses, transferring them to the public ledger. This is not capitalism. If we are not in a capitalist system, what kind of system has developed? Perhaps we should examine the claims that there exists a “New World Order” in more detail and try once and for all to establish whether it really does exist. The present work examines the origin of World War I, the seminal event of the Twentieth Century and the event that “made” the New World Order under the leadership of Lord Milner. Lord Milner was an international banker and he worked closely with J. P. Morgan in the USA and Lord Rothschild and other bankers in the City of London. The central thesis of “Lord Milner’s Second War” is that Lord Milner arranged for Britain to participate in the War. Cecil Rhodes, the great British Imperialist, wanted to establish a world state through the British Empire. He set up his secret society to achieve that goal and he groomed Lord Milner to succeed him. Milner started the South African War (the Boer War) to seize control of South Africa and its huge gold deposits. He pioneered the use of concentration camps to wage war on the civilian population. Twenty-seven-thousand Boer women and children perished in Milner’s camps-far more than the casualties of all combatants. Having hoisted the British flag on all of


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