Jabees Bluetooth Stereo True Wireless Earbuds BTwins compatible with iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, Samsung and all Bluetooth enabled devices. (Cool Black)


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The Best True Wireless Stereo Sound Bluetooth Earbuds Are Now Available On Amazon! Everyone loves listening to music while working, exercising or relaxing! If you have been looking for high quality, true stereo Bluetooth earbuds that will allow you to enjoy the ultimate music listening experience, your quest stops here! Incomparably Durable, Unbreakable Construction Jabees presents you with BTwins. These top notch true stereo wireless Bluetooth earbuds are made of premium quality, heavy duty aluminum. What is more, thanks to the unique water-safe technology, they are 100% sweat proof! Unmatched, Striking Design And Multiple Functions These top rated wireless, waterproof earbuds feature a very small size that makes them very modern. Thanks to these sports true stereo Bluetooth earbuds, you will enjoy crystal clear sound anywhere! Moreover, you will be able to turn them on or off, play and pause the music, answer or reject a call, transfer a call, redial or even select language by the simple push of a button! You will be able to enjoy an astounding 6 hours talk time, a 5 hour music play time and an unbelievable 100 hours standby time! Last but not least, recharging your earbuds will be an effortless task thanks to the portable power pouch that has a built-in, 450mAh capacity battery that can provide up to 4 cycles of charging! Enjoy The Perfect Fit The pack includes 3 pairs of in-ear hooks, 3 pairs of bullet shaped ear tips and 3 pairs of bowl shape ear tips of different sizes!BUY ONCE, ENJOY FOR LIFE: The BTwins true wireless stereo Bluetooth earbuds feature a premium quality, incomparably durable aluminum rugged construction that will never let you down. Moreover, they are 100% sweat proof, allowing you to enjoy your favorite kind of music or talk on the phone while running, jogging or exercising with no fear of damage! What is more, the pack includes a power pouch that features a built-in 450mAh capacity battery that allows you to recharge your earbuds on the go!
EYE-CATCHING, MODERN, STYLISH DESIGN: These top notch waterproof Bluetooth sports earbuds feature a mini, lightweight design that assures maximum comfort.
COUNTLESS FUNCTION POSSIBILITIES: If you want to have the ultimate music listening experience, these true wireless stereo V4.1 Bluetooth earbuds are a must have for you! Want to enjoy true wireless stereo effect without any cables? Use in a pair. Need to hear your surroundings? Use only one. What is more, they allow you to talk on the phone or listen to music for over 4 hours! Last but not least, they feature an astounding 33feet signal range!
A BOX THAT CONTAINS ALL YOU NEED FOR THE ULTIMATE MUSIC EXPERIENCE: You will receive these incredible sports stereo Bluetooth earbuds in a nice box which also includes 9 differently shaped and sized ear tips, a micro USB charging cable and the compact, lightweight power pouch that features smart charging status LED indicators. Last but not least, the coin battery comes from Germany and it features an incomparably high quality.
100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: Providing you with the highest quality products and the friendliest customer service is our number one goal. This is why we offer you 12 month limited warranty.


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