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Welcome to the first Monopoly game for kids, where they can earn money the fun way.

The Monopoly Junior game is just like the classic Monopoly game, but it’s accessible and exciting for younger players. It’s fast, simple, and full of surprises. Kids choose their favorite Junior token and learn how to pass Go, buy properties, and collect rent. Single banknotes keep the transactions fast and easy. Kids will love collecting cool properties, making others pay rent, and trying to own it all. Once any player runs out of money and can’t buy an unowned property, pay rent, or pay a fine, the game is over. The remaining players count their money, and the person with the most money wins the game. Adult assembly required. Suitable for 5 years + Safety Information: Warning. Not suitable for Children under 3 years.My First Monopoly Game – the classic game for younger players
Adorable Junior Tokens – comes with 4 junior tokens before they grew up
Fun, kid-friendly properties – buy cool properties such as the pet store, the candy store, and the video game arcade
Fast, Fun, and simple to Play – easy rules use single dollar bills for simple transactions
Suitable for ages 5+ and for 2-4 players


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