2880 Watt Server PSU + 2×10 PCI-E Harness Power Supply for Two (x2) Antminer S9 / S7 / L3+ with Ready To Plug Harness


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Price: £190.99

Twenty (20x) 16 AWG braided copper 6-pin PCI-E Molex connectors (each rated to 240 Watt / 20 Amps with 80 degrees C insulation)
28-inch long DC power bus implemented with heavy-gauge flexible braided copper-silicone cable (each cable rated 960 Watt / 80 Amp with 200 degrees C insulation)
Wiring soldered to the power terminals (minimizes electrical and thermal resistance)
All energized contacts fully insulated with electrical epoxy and/or 160 degrees C electrical tape.
PCI-e connector layout optimized for S9 / S7 / L3+ / D3, with dedicated connector for controller

It powers only a single S9 or S7 at a time!
Most third-party bitcoin PSU rigs use breakout boards (see notes why you should not). They may use low-efficiency PSUs, which adds to your power bill and waste heat.
Most third-party bitcoin PSU rigs can power only a single S9/S7/A6 anyway.

Usage Recommendations:
Grounded 200-240V 15 Amp outlet
AC circuit wiring/breakers rated at least 15 amps for one PSU / 30 amps for two.
If you mine at home, a dryer outlet is one of the best options to plug this PSU.
Because this is a custom modification of an existing device, the original FCC/UL/OHSA…etc PSU certifications are not applicable, and no safety guarantee is made

Color: silvery
Size: 410*195*55mm
Package size: 520*275*90mm

Package included:
1 x power supply    

Efficiency, very quiet, stable performance. Heavy-duty protections, including Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Power Protection, and Short Circuit Protection
Conversion performance is stable, up to 90+ With cooling fan, safer for using this With ready to use harness
Conversion performance is stable, up to 90+
Power Supply: 2880 Watts IBM server core ~90% efficiency at full load, power factor ~98-99% 200-240 Volt AC input
Included/integrated 6ft heavy-duty C20 power cord C20 plug can be replaced with another type if requested (note this will add to handling time).


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