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DIY Studio Lights To Improve Your Videos

It’s 2018, a full thirteen years since YouTube was founded. With an online sharing service up and running, and high-resolution cameras in just about every mobile phone, the production of video has been democratized. Sadly, for those citizens with eyes, the production of good video is not so widespread. What’s one thing you need for good […]

Executive Director, Assn. of Arts Administration Educators

AAAE seeks a dynamic, self-motivated Executive Director to lead the organization. AAAE consists of more than 150 member programs, all training and equipping students in arts leadership, management, entrepreneurship, cultural policy, and more. Our network of faculty and their alumni are the cornerstones of local arts communities across the globe. AAAE serves as a convener, […]

Ladder Shelf from Wood Pallet & Reclaimed Wood

Here is a shelf that I made to put some light decorations on it, it is inspired by the shape of a ladder. The shelf can be moved as desired against any support or wall. To build this shelf, I dismantled a wooden pallet, took the measurements to make the cut and then sanded the […]

American Elm

Recently, we shot a video where I turned a small canister from green wood. (The video will be distributed in the middle of October.) To get a few big chunks of green hardwood for the video, I haunted some yard waste drop-off centers and pounced when I spied four approximately 15-in.-diameter log sections. Their cross […]

‘The Eyes of Ara’ for iOS

Been looking for an iOS adventure puzzle game to fill that The Room-shaped hole in your heart? Check out The Eyes of Ara by 100 Stones Interactive, a relatively recent port of the Mac version, first released in 2016. Like The Room series, you’ll find yourself exploring a gorgeous, ancient, and mysterious 3D environment. Along […]

Bite into a vegan hot dog at IKEA US and UK

Something tasty is happening all across the UK and US. Today the vegan hot dog hits IKEA stores all over UK and the US. Even though it took 37 years after the regular hot dog to arrive we’re rejoicing nonetheless. IKEA started testing vegan hot dog recipes earlier this year at their Malmö store and rolled out […]

How to Make Your House Look Bigger

A large, spacious home is what many people desire, but most homes are not like this. If your home seems small to you or if you want to make it seem bigger to potential buyers, then there are some easy strategies you can try to make your home seem bigger. Start with some quick staging […]

Calling volunteers for Maker Faire Rome!

Planning to attend Maker Faire Rome in October? We’re currently seeking volunteers to join our team during the event—staffing tables and displays, helping with demos, and providing technical assistance when necessary. Those who help us for one shift will receive a day pass; spend two days with us, and you’ll have a ticket for the entire […]

Join Hackaday And Tindie This Thursday At Open Hardware Summit

This weekend Hackaday and Tindie will be trekking out to beautiful Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the greatest congregation of Open Source hardware enthusiasts on the planet. This is the Open Hardware Summit. It’s every year, most of the time in different places, and this year it’s back in the hallowed halls of MIT. Somebody put a […]