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4 Birds From Recycled Metal Junk

The base of this sculpture is made from an old toddler walker/stroller. The birds are clay with found hardware hats and old children’s wooden blocks. Read 4 Birds From Recycled Metal Junk by cridlen1 on Recyclart! Source link Please follow and like us:

ERRF 18: The Start of Something Great

For years, the undisputed king of desktop 3D printing conferences has been the Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF). Hosted in the tropical paradise that is Goshen, Indiana, MRRF has been running largely unopposed for the top spot since its inception. There are other conferences focused on the industrial and professional end of the 3D printing spectrum, […]

Montelouro Ceramic Smartphone and Tablet Stand [Kickstarter]

Spanish product designer Rafael “Rafa” Fernández Sánchez runs a studio/shop in A Coruña called Oitenta, through which he’s recently developed the Montelouro, a limited-edition handcrafted ceramic stand that can be used with phones and tablets of all kinds. It was designed to look like the actual Monte Louro mountain, and its “valleys” are what hold […]

DIY Tube Oven Brings the Heat to Homebrew Semiconductor Fab

Specialized processes require specialized tools and instruments, and processes don’t get much more specialized than the making of semiconductors. There’s a huge industry devoted to making the equipment needed for semiconductor fabrication plants, but most of it is fabulously expensive and out of reach to the home gamer. Besides, where’s the fun in buying when […]

Bosch 12V Max Palm Edge Router

Bosch’s 12-volt Palm Edge Router offers cordless convenience and an ergonomic offset design that makes it a lightweight, balanced solution for edge routing and trimming. Its compact grip area is positioned over the workpiece for maximum stability, and the 2.2-lb. router stands just under 10 in. tall. Inside, Bosch outfits it with an EC Brushless […]

How to Wash a Rayon Shirt

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric made from wood pulp. Some rayon garments must be dry-cleaned, while others can be hand-washed. EditSteps EditCleaning Rayon Check the fabric care tag. Some rayon fabrics have been treated, which allows them to be hand-washed. However, untreated, or viscose, rayon should not get wet, so it needs to be dry […]

The Biggest Corner Antenna We’ve Ever Seen

Radio waves are received on antennas, for which when the signal in question comes over a long distance a big reflector is needed. When the reception distance is literally astronomical, the reflector has to be pretty darn big. [The Thought Emporium] wants to pick up signals from distant satellites, the moon, and hopefully a pulsar. […]

Steve Gabriel: Woods, Farms and Mutual Benefits

Woodworkers’ interaction with wood often starts with a piece that has already been harvested and is just waiting to be purchased at the lumberyard. Steve Gabriel’s relationship with wood is a little different: as a specialist in topics like agroforestry and silvopasture, Steve’s encounters with wood are when it’s “on the hoof,” so to speak. […]

AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Ethernet Adaptor

While Apple does sell a USB ethernet adapter, it’s limited to USB 2.0 and 100 Mbps connections. Apple’s recommended solution for gigbit speeds is the Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter. Depending on your desk setup, you might have more free USB ports than you do Thunderbolt so it becomes a difficult trade-off. AmazonBasics sells a USB […]